Another guide for an anon who requested it, this time about fake closets.

The pictures are pretty clear, but just in case I will give some extra explanation.

  1. Place two walls against the backwall. You can also do this in a corner. The width can be either be 1 tile or 2 tiles, it all depends on your closet doors. I suppose you can also make a huge closet by making it 4 tiles wide…might have to try that for myself.
  2. I like to paint my closets a different color from the wall and give them a different flooring to serve as the bottom of the closet.
  3. Now place the doors. I really like the arches in the "Don’t Close Me!" set from Sims2code, sadly they only come in 2 tile versions.
  4. Insert some shelves if you want. You can also fill the entire closet with shelves. I use the Kitchen Basic shelves from Buggybooz because they are big, but you can use any shelf you like.
  5. More shelves.
  6. Now put some stuff on the shelves. In this example I used clothing piles from the Color Trends set by Cassandre.
  7. Afterwards I put in some clothing racks, which are from the same set.
  8. Lastly I put some stuff on the ground like boxes and shoes.

I hope this guide is clear enough for you anon :)

Just another reason why Jodelie is the bestest.

I had loads of fun going to music festivals this summer and I wanted my simmies to be able to do the same, so here’s a little camping ground-slash-festival ground for the Sim State Uni folks, creatively named Sim!Fest camping grounds (until I come up with something better).

On second thought, I probably should have placed this lot anywhere else than in the uni subhood (can Young adults even go camping?), but what has been done has been done so, whatever. 



esotheria-sims replied to your post “The Curious brothers :)”

"Vidcund teaches chemistry at Strangetown High" I can’t help but imagine him like a Strangetown version of Walter White now. xD Even the scenery matches- plenty of desert to secretly cook meth in.

I didn’t watch Breaking Bad, but the moment I saw this comment, this image popped into my head.

AAAAAAAAH How have I NOT seen this before? XD


How long does your game take to load with all that cc?

Not that long, actually! I currently have a 4.3GB Downloads folder + an additional 1.3GB in Saved Sims (because I sometimes like to dump CC there to make it look like I have less in Downloads), and my game takes a little over 10 minutes to load both the main screen and the hood I’m playing.


Lots of info to share, so I suggest we move straight to the goodies:


  •  Martini’s Alesso Shell 3t2 &Yoojaek’s Ginko H’Ghar 3t2

To start off, two hairs that don’t have a ‘other gender’ conversion. I wanted to do Alesso’s ‘Shell’ because it’s is cute, retro, and reminded me a lot of the style Sarah Paulson donned in AHS: Asylum which, in my book, is another plus. As for H’Ghar, Digital Angels beat me to it by a week, but she used Pooklet’s V3 textures and I used V2, so the retextures aren’t completely identical. More variety to choose from! :) Now for the technicalities:

Alesso Shell

- Done in Io’s edited Pooklet textures, in both their color palettes. Mailbomb as elder grey, binned to Dynamite. Custom Timebomb. Toddler through elder. Binned, familied, tooltipped, compressorized. 

Credits: Alesso, Martini, Pooklet, Io.

Ginko H’Ghar

- Pooklet’s V2 textures, in all of Pooklet’s and Io’s colors. Elders keep their colors. Mailbomb and Timebomb as customs. Toddler through elder. Binned, familied, tooltipped, compressorized. All meshes included.

Credits: Ginko, 5.kid/Yoojaek, Pooklet, Io.

 Angles Shell | Angles H’Ghar | DOWNLOAD BOTH! | Mirror  download


  • Peggy 6250 FH & FtM by Yuxi

 Pook’d retextures of Yuxi’s FtM conversion of Peggy 6250, as well as the original female hair. Both meshes look identical, so only one bodyshop preview.


Done in Pooklet’s V1 textures, in both Io’s and Pooklet’s palettes. Elders keep their colors. Mailbomb and Timebomb as customs. Toddler through elder. Binned, familied, tooltipped, compressorized. Meshes included.

Credits: Peggy, Yuxi, Pooklet, Io.

Angles | DOWNLOAD BOTH! | Mirror  download


  • Skysims 184 FH & FtM by Kazarin

Pook’d retextures of Kazarin’s FtM conversion of Skysims 184 + the original female hair. The female hair has a visible scalp in the back, but Kazarin fixed this issue on their FtM conversion.


Done in Io’s edited Pooklet textures, in both their color palettes. Elders keep their colors. Mailbomb and Timebomb as custom colors. Toddler through elder. Binned, familied, tooltipped, compressorized. Meshes included.

Credits: Skysims, Kazarin/Hexanticle, Pooklet, Io. 

Angles FH | Angles MH | DOWNLOAD BOTH! | Mirror  download


  • Raon 32 curled FH & FtM by Trapping

 This one was initially meant to be a gift for Digi's birthday, but I got sidetracked and only got around to finishing it now (and just as a reference, her bday was four months ago)… Uh, yeah. Now you know exactly how slow I am.


Done with Nymphy’s curly textures, in all of Pooklet’s, Io’s and Digital Angels’ colors. Binned Digi’s way; separate grey for each family, as shown in the color swatch. Alternative custom Timebomb available. Toddler through elder. Familied, tooltipped, compressorized. Meshes included.

Credits: Raonjena, Trapping, Nymphy, Pooklet, Digital Angels, Io. 

Angles FH | Angles MH | DOWNLOAD BOTH! | Mirror  download

Aaaand that would be it for now. I hope you can find use for some/all? of these hairs.^_^ Enjoy! ♥