Hey there ^~^/)) So, I saw your (really amazing) Strangetown portrait of the Smiths. And I was wondering where to find that Alien skin (and if it was a default replacement) ? :) (BTW I absolutely love your Sims, they look absolutely gorgeous *o* )

Why thank you, sweet nonnie! ^,^ You’re right, it is a default skin - this one by Lilith, to be more precise. Johnny is totally rocking it, don’t you think? :D


mechbutterfly answered your post: This question is as stupid as it gets,…

I think it was one of the endtables of that set, but I could be wrong.

I meant, in addition of that counter. There is a way to check it with SimPe - open the files in question, if it has no texture files it is most likely a slave.

The end table? I’ll take a look, thanks! :) I opened the files in SimPE, but even the master counter only had a texture for the top, and the wood finish came with separate files. I just figured those recolors would have everything I need, but apparently not…Oh well, time to dive back into the files. 

* Update: Yep, the end table was the other master file!

nyshabrokeit answered to your photo “This question is as stupid as it gets, but… can anyone tell me what…”

If you add your Downloads folder to your SimPE file table, I think you can see which file the textures are in in Scenegrapher.

Oh, didn’t know that! Thank you for the info! I think I need to go back and re-read the SimPE manual, I don’t even know what half of those options are for.

This question is as stupid as it gets, but… can anyone tell me what the master files are for Adele’s Caesar kitchen? :( The description said it was the counter, but I have the counter and it still looks like this?

UPDATE: Figured it out, the other master file was end table no.1. Thanks  for your replies, Mechbutterfly and Nysha! :)

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