This is the side of Sandy Point where the bridge crosses the channel to the road to South Beach, connecting the southernmost island in the archipelago to somewhere else.  This is Jimmy’s house.  I downloaded it years ago and gutted it and rebuilt it, and I no longer remember where I got it. Somebody deserves credit though.

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Garden City Auto Club.

Hobby lot #3. Tinkering. Downstairs is a car repair shop upstairs is a nerdy hangout for car lovers who haven’t quite grown up. I’m kinda in love with the little track for the remote control cars.

Refurbishable cars, Train set, Remote control cars, Vending machines.  

That racetrack is pure genius! <3


Totally using this as a reference for a Will’s garage makeover.

liberlibelula replied to your photoset “Here’s a pseudo-arty photoset of Silas raking leaves at sunset,…”

Hi! Beautiful photos ^^ Did you photoshop that sky, or is it some kind of downloaded mod? Thank you!

Thanks for liking my pics.:) I didn’t photoshop the sky, it was just a lucky mix of  Slig’s buyable sky dome and the Radiance lighting system working together. They’re some of my fave mods and a great addition to everyone’s game. :) Just make sure to read the instructions for the lighting mod if you’ve never used one before.

Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem. I hope you have a great day!

Oh hai u! :) 

Hmmm, let’s see…

1. I think one of my better traits is my willingness to go out of my way to help a friend out, even when the going gets really tough.

2. Not to sound like a vain Lilith, but I like my hands. x) I often catch myself staring randomly at them, not because I’m feeling uncomfortable or because I’m trying to avoid eye contact with people, but simply because I like to stare at them. Then again, I like to stare at other people’s hands too, so there’s that.

Aaaand that’s it. I hope you have a great day yourself. :)

Stupid Milkshape…

 Well to be quite fair, it’s actually me who is the stupid one here.

I’ve been fiddling with Milkshape the whole afternoon, and just when it seemed I was getting the hang on things, I had to mess it up. I just had to.

A long story short, I clicked something on the blue window, and it suddenly went blank. I think I may have clicked the scroll wheel on my mouse, or something equally (seemingly) harmless… Halp?


Newsea Titanium converted for Sims 2.

it has a little transparency issue at the front layer hair , which I can’t fix it since ts3 to ts2 meshes are not separated in groups, sorry~. However, it still looks really good in my game. Also, I added one new hair color called Essence for re-alpha version. 

  • Works for All Ages
  • Custom Grey for Elders
  • Custom Red in io’s Bastet color
  • Available in original version and Re-alpha version
  • Texture by Pooklet
  • Colors by Pooklet, Io’s, and mine.
  • Polycounts is about 13k

hope you like it ^^


Clothing by Sacha Fierce at sims-fashion-empire , martinimyb , and alexmanuel-sims

Yes, perfect.

"…and the more she thought about that final meeting, the more her heart longed for Weilersee. She missed the soft grass, and the old cottage where she’d spent the happiest years of her life. Most of all, she missed the sight of the tree on the hill, awash with blossom and buzzing life, and the graves that stood sentinel at its base…"

cloak excerpt

People I need on my dash more, part 1.