*Decorates completely random garden in throwaway hood for the sake of taking a single preview picture (only partially visible through a window)*

*Garden looks better than half of the lots and landscapes in the main playing hood.*

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how I operate.

(In case you’re wondering what prompted this little rant, take a look here.)

My makeover of the new Sim State Tower, uploaded as promised for anon.

The lot is mostly just an empty shell, with only the first and last floor furnished and some basic landscaping done around it - which means it’s not too heavy on CC, so yay for that.:) I drew a blank trying to furnish this lot, so I’m afraid that is up to whoever decides to download it.

It requires a few meshes (by Buggybooz, Hafiseazale and OhBehave) which are included in the upload. Just plop those into your Downloads folder before installing the lot and you should be fine. Only the necessary recolors and objects are included, which means no custom sky, road replacements or one million custom RCs of the sky dome object. 

One more thing: the terrain in SSU is quite uneven, so I suggest you put this lot exactly where the ‘old’ new Sim State Tower was, just to be on the safe side. 

Clean Installer preview  |   DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

More previews and a detailed floorplan included in the .rar.

A map of good ole Neo Margitaville as it currently looks in my game. As you can tell, urban planning is not one of my fortes.

(And to the anon who requested Sim State Tower: don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you! It’s just been a little busy these days and I had to postpone going into game in favor of catching up with schoolwork and stuff. I’ll have the lot up for you by this weekend, promise.:3)


Hello there :) I'm just wondering if you're ever planning to upload your other SSU lots? Judging from your pics, they seem absolutely gorgeous! Personally I'd love to have your new Sim State Tower complement the old one, or just any of those lots for that matter. But ofc, no pressure if you don't want to :)

Hi! Thank you for the nice compliments, and for taking interest in my game! :) I usually don’t make my lots with the thought of uploading them (i.e  I don’t pay attention to the amount of cc I use, how ‘clean’ they are for upload etc.), but I don’t mind sharing them either if requested! :) I’m on a bit of a semi-hiatus right now (rl is taking all my simming time away,bleh), but I’ll try and get the new tower cleaned and uploaded sometime later tonight or tomorrow. It’s semi-finished and relatively light on cc, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. If you have any other requests, shoot me a note and I’ll see what I can do about them. ;) 

If you don't mind me asking, where is Heath's night shirt thingy from? :3

'Course I don't mind. :) The 'awful' (read: awesome) nightshirt is by Lemonlion, from GoS March theme. Posting this publicly in case anyone else is interested in the shirt. :)

YOU GUYS. It finally happened. Heath got abducted by aliens! 

In case you weren’t familiar with this sad tale, Heath’s been trying to meet aliens for like…what, a month now? Maybe even more (on and off of course, I didn’t literally spend a whole consecutive month playing his household). 

I wanted to give him the honor of being the first sim to test out my new multi-PT hack, but no matter what I did, he simply. Wouldn’t. Get. Abducted. Not even the debug cheat to force abduction worked, and I was getting pretty impatient. I even moved him back in with his other siblings (leaving Edna to live alone in their trailer house for a while), because I got convinced sims couldn’t get taken by aliens on apartment lots. So Heath spent every goddamn night staring into the stars, and sleeping during the day.

Then one night, FINALLY…it happened. Just like that. To my great entertainment, he was wearing his worst nightshirt when the saucer came for him. Here, have some footage of the important event.