So, somebody asked for a guide on how I make my fake ponds. It’s actually very easy! Click the pictures for a more detailed description of the process.

You can also place decks on top of the pond, but you can’t place fences underneath the deck. I recommended using Buggybooz’s lowest flower border to circumvent the problem.

Dark concrete floors by Misstiikeri.

Reflective floors and walls by Murano.

Hope this might prove helpful to some other simmers out there who are unsatisfied with the in-game ponds. Maybe one day I will discover a way to make straight canals, so I can finally build some Amsterdam inspired streets.

88 Road to Nowhere, part 1/2

Man, this lot was a bitch to take pictures of. Anyhow! Strangetown’s only shopping lot got a new and (hopefully) improved layout. It features a boutique, a grocery store, an abandoned factory building-future arcade, restrooms and a tiny cafe I’m particularly proud of. In other words, anything a Strangetowner could possibly wish for! Interior shots to follow.



My friend Nelphaell Actually has this bed, and honestly speaking I wanted too, but they sropped to produce it. So I finally finished it. I was doing this two for almost a year. There’re still some disadvantages and I can’t say that this is a good thing for playing, but you cam use it.

You can download both of them here. The’re not linked so you can chose what you want a bed or sofa, of like me both.

This is Meldal bed from Ikea.


Fixed: Sorry, I ve gave a wrong link. Here bed is


Toddler Appreciation Post: No little dragons in TS4. Daenerys does not approve :( 

Ok, I have no idea of what I’m doing with my life anymore lol but those dragon suits are awesome and I had to do thiiiss

Click for full resolution!

Mother of dragons FTW! <3